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In Virginia Beach, we have started a weekly program, Tuesdays @ Two, in the afternoon for older adults, though we’re letting people self-select to attend based on the time of day.  Attendance fluctuates with the weather, but this week has been warm and we had 19 people. 

I took the opportunity to experiment.  One inspiration was Gene Cohen’s The Creative Age, which is about much more than the arts but does talk about how his “Liberation Phase” inspires older artists.  I prepared to talk about artists who changed style or methods as they aged, especially how they dealt with disabilities, like Renoir who had rheumatoid arthritis. 

Another inspiration was the movie, In Winter Still, that I saw in the ALA exhibits last summer.  An excerpt is at This is a fictional story about Claude Monet.  The movie went over very well and so did my presentation.  We then proceeded to “paint” a mural with colored paper and glue sticks and everyone got really into it as you can see. 

painting with paper

painting with paper


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