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Resources on “Healthy Aging”


The language on aging runs the gamut from successful aging to productive aging to healthy aging.  While different factions have their own takes on pros and cons of such identifiers, people continue to search for resources to help them stay active, both physically and mentally, well into their older years.  The following are recent resources focused on “healthy aging.”

1) Modified Nutrition Pyramid for Older Adults – Recently Tufts University released a modified nutrition pyramid based on the various increased needs of older adults.  Although the new pyramid does not differ significantly from the current food pyramid, it focuses on more suitable forms of foods for older adults.  A PDF version of the new pyramid is also available. 

2) A Running Regimen for the Older Body – A recent New York Times article, Staying a Step Ahead of Aging, outlines the benefits of running as the body ages.  Several subjects in the article did not begin running until their 50’s or 60’s and improved both their health and running times.  While everyone may not be suited for running, the results stated in this article challenge stereotypical views of the aging body.

3) Healthy Aging Briefings – The National Council on Aging (NCOA) is hosting a series of webinars on Healthy Aging.  The subject matter of these webinars ranges from caregiving to civic engagement to creativity.  The next webinar on Arts and Aging is scheduled for February 21, 2008, but past webinars can be viewed at any time.


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