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Our 2007 Lifelong Access Libraries Leadership Institute

Libraries for the Future (LFF) held its second annual Lifelong Access Libraries Leadership Institute on July 29 – August 31, 2007, in North Carolina. It was co-hosted by UNC’s School of Information and Library Science and the Institute on Aging.

The Institute’s purpose was to provide public librarians with comprehensive training in developing programming and services for Baby Boomers and older adults. Emphasis was placed on providing opportunities for active learning, creative exploration, and meaningful civic engagement for this age group.

The Institute included several compelling and thought-provoking sessions from experts in both the library and aging fields. For example, anthropologist and author Mary Catherine Bateson presented When Lifelong Learning becomes Active Wisdom, and the American Society of Aging’s Patrick Cullinane presented New Theories and Thoughts on Civic Engagement.

The 20 Institute participants (see photo below) were selected through a competitive application process earlier this year. They came from 14 different states, representing public libraries providing services to communities as small as Reading, Massachusetts, and as large as San Francisco.


I truly enjoyed the array of topics presented during the Institute, the thought-provoking presentation by the speakers, and the companionship of bright and friendly colleagues from across the country, said Institute participant Kathleen Moeller-Peiffer from New Jersey.


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Lifelong Access Libraries is a national initiative aimed at causing fundamental change in how public libraries define, create, and deliver their services to active older adults, a segment of the population that is growing rapidly across the nation.

We’ve created this blog to encourage discussion and collaboration among the library community and others interested in providing innovative services to active older adults.

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